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A recent archaeological desk-based assessment of the site indicated that although the potential for remains of prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, medieval and post-medieval date within the majority of the site was considered to be low/nil, it identified several non-designated post-medieval archaeological assets recorded within the site boundary: these were the sites of Pendleton Old Hall and its associated outbuildings. Pendleton Old Hall is thought to have been built during the 16th century. It was acquired by the Salford Corporation in 1893 and was turned into a Public Reading Room and its gardens turned into public recreation areas (including a bowling green). The Reading Room was closed in 1918 and demolished soon afterwards. The site of the Old Hall has remained undeveloped since its demolition.

An archaeological written scheme of investigation was prepared for an initial evaluation of the site. This comprised the excavation of twelve trenches measuring a total of 410 metres in length and 2 metres wide in order to assess the potential survival of Pendleton Old Hall, its associated outbuildings and also the Douglas Mills complex. The trial trenching programme identified the remains of Pendleton Old Hall and the Douglas Mills complex, both of which were still reasonably well-preserved. In light of these findings, archaeological mitigation in the form of excavation was undertaken in advance of ground works commencing on the site. On completion of the excavation, the archaeological condition was discharged on the site. 

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