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Outline planning permission for a residential scheme was granted in 2014 with no archaeological conditions. Following the submission of the reserved matters planning application, it became apparent that a very slight earthwork had been identified through Lidar had been recorded partially within the site. This was being interpreted as being a possible Roman military camp of national importance. At the same time an application for scheduling the earthwork was made by a 3rd party to Historic England.

On behalf of Hallam Land Management (the applicant), Orion undertook urgent consultations with Cornwall Council and Historic England regarding the planning implications of this feature. This resulted in an agreement that a very limited 4 trench evaluation would be undertaken on the earthwork. This established that the feature was a medieval/post-medieval stone built agricultural building of local significance, not a nationally important Roman camp.  It was agreed with Cornwall Council that the remains were not a design constraint and that a limited mitigation excavation programme was appropriate. Due to the prompt negotiations with Cornwall Council and Historic England, and the rapid implementation of the evaluation trenching, the risk to the residential scheme was removed quickly and also resulted in the scheduling application being withdrawn.