A - Z Projects

Following the submission of a planning application for a new motorway service area at junction 1 of the M6 (north of Rugby), Orion were appointed by Moto to undertake an assessment of the potential effect of the proposed development on the setting and significance of a number of nearby listed buildings, a scheduled monument and a Conservation Area.  The assessment addressed objections from Historic England, the LPA's conservation consultant and a local objector group. Orion undertook a detailed assessment of the setting of each of the potentially affected designated assets and established that, due to the nature of the designated assets, their settings and the design of the proposed MSA, there would no effects on their significance.  The work entailed a series of consultations with Historic England and the LPA prior to and following submission of Orion's report.  The LPA accepted the conclusions of the assessment and have granted full planning permission for the proposed MSA with no design changes.