A - Z Projects

Orion undertook the heritage assessment to support Brighton MET College's planning application for the proposed redevelopment of their Pelham Road campus to provide a new Centre for Creative and Digital Industries. The Centre will be housed in a new 2,700m2 state-of-the-art facility integrated into Pelham Tower which will be substantially refurbished. 

The proposed redevelopment has been designed & sited so as to minimise the visual impact on nearby designated heritage assets. The heritage statement established that the design of the proposed development will result in some limited less than substantial harm to the North Laine Conservation Area and the Valley Gardens Conservation Area and no harm to listed buildings in the vicinity of the campus. 

The southern part of the campus lies partially falls within the Archaeological Notification Area (ANA) for Trafalgar Street where Roman burials have been recovered previously.  The archaeological DBA established that due to the layout of the sceme, the impact on possible archaeological remains would be limited to non-existent.