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Reserved matters planning permission for 14 houses and an alternative 132 unit apartment scheme had been refused. Redrow Homes already had outline planning permission for the site and were building the scheme out in the southern part of the site. The two refused schemes lay within the setting of Hauxton Mill House (grade II listed) located at the northern end of the site, to the north of which is Hauxton Mill and the mill bridge, both of which are also grade II listed. The setting of the listed house comprised the Redrow Homes building site. Prior to this, the area had been a chemical works which had been demolished in 2008. The impact on the setting of the listed building was a reason for refusal for both schemes. Redrow Homes appealed both the 14 and 132 unit schemes.

Orion Heritage provided Redrow Homes with the heritage expert witness for the hearing. Orion argued that the setting of the listed house had been radically altered in the 1960s, when a farm and its associated buildings immediately adjacent to the house had been demolished and the chemical works constructed. This had resulted in the setting losing all of its historic contribution to the significance of the house and it becoming a negative contributor to the significance. The setting had been further radically changed following the demolition of the chemical works after which the site had become part of a building site. Due to this, the two refused schemes would have no negative effect on the significance of the house, and in fact would be an enhancement.

The appeal for the 14 unit scheme was upheld and the 132 unit scheme was dismissed by the Inpsector.  The heritage position put forward by Orion Heritage was upheld by the Inspector for both schemes.