A - Z Projects

Following the granting of planning permission for an extension to ARM's Global HQ, Orion Heritage were appointed to negotiate and manage the archaeological mitigation excavation works that were required by a condition attached the planning permission. One of Orion Heritage's Directors was previously involved in the heritage aspects of the planning permission and its associated heritage ES chapter as part of his previous employment. Orion Heritage's involvement with the project was built on this detailed understanding of the site and the proposed development.  

Following negotiations with Cambridgeshire County Council, Orion Heritage agreed the scope of works, devised the tender documents, sought tenders from approrpiate archaeological contractors, appointed the archaeological contractor and managed the fieldwork and the post-excavation analysis. The excavation revealed a small, but signficant, collection of pits of Neolithic date which contained a very large quantity of Neolithic flint artefacts.  While not a unique finding, such findings are relatively rare. The project was delivered within a tight timetable and budget.