Case Studies

Following the granting of outline planning permission for a residential scheme, Orion Heritage was appointed to agree the scope of archaeological mitigation works required by a condition attached to the outline planning consent. A detailed archaeological mitigation excavation strategy document was produced and agreed with Wiltshire Council. 

Having sought quotes from suitable contractors, Orion managed the excavation of an area within the site which, from the results of the earlier geophysical survey and evaluation trenching, was known to contain the remains of Roman settlement.  As well as some early Roman occupation, the excavation revealed the unexpected remains of a later Roman villa with a hypocaust and a deep well containing a large array of well preserved artefacts in the waterlogged deposits that had not shown up during the earlier evaluation works. The excavation shows that only the last remnants of the villa survived, hence its presence being undetacted previously.  

The fieldwork was tightly managed so as to ensure that the delays dealing with the villa were kept to an abolute minimum. The project is a good example of close partnership working between the clients (Hallam Land Management and Bloor Homes), Orion, the archaeological contractor (Rubicon Heritage) and Wiltshire Council's Planning Archaeologist for the area.  This enabled the excavations to proceed smoothly and deliver high quality results.  

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