Our Services

Orion Heritage is a leading independent archaeological and built heritage planning consultancy providing advice to the private & public sector aimed at resolving the often conflicting demands of conservation while achieving profitable and sustainable developments.

The company prides itself on understanding our clients' businesses and projects and responds positively to their aims and objectives. In order to do this, we provide the following services:

Land Acquisition/Due Diligence

The need for developers to identify and quantify the risks at the early stages of a proposed development is a key element when acquiring or securing options on land for development. Orion Heritage provides advice on the potential planning constraints and financial risks posed by archaeology and built heritage at the early stages of development planning.

Desk-Based Assessment

We undertake all forms of heritage assessment work including: heritage statements, archaeological and heritage desk-based assessments, statements of significance, setting assessments, conservation management plans, scheduled monument consent appliucations & built heritage condition surveys.  

Negotiation with LPAs and Statutory Consultees

Orion Heritage undertakes timely and robust negotiations on behalf of our clients with planning authorities and statutory consultees, such as Historic England, Cadw and Historic Scotland.

Defining, Procuring and Managing Fieldwork

A key element of Orion Heritage’s services is defining and agreeing the scope and costs, procurement and management of archaeological evaluations, excavations, and historic building recording works required to support planning applications and the discharge of planning conditions.

We adopt a pragmatic approach to ensure that the scope and timing of fieldwork is appropriate to both our clients' proposed development and site specific heritage issues.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Orion Heritage provides historic environment input into Environmental Impact Assessments. This includes, where necessary, incorporating data from desk-based assessments, geophysical survey, evaluations and historic building and setting assessments into the production of Historic Environment ES chapters. Orion Heritage is also experienced in  DCO & LDO EIA projects.

Expert Witness

Orion Heritage provides heritage expert witness services for Public Inquiries, hearings and written representations.